With the head of an ox, the hindquarters of an antelope and the mane and tail of a horse, the wildebeest as image morphs easily between living animal and fanciful creature. Storms and predators gather as instinct stirs the herd and migration whirrs into action like an ancient machine.

Wildebeest is an assemblage of the dancers’ fascination for physicality - their power as individuals and strength en masse - their wildebeests within.


Direction/Choreography - Gabrielle Nankivell

Performed by - Sydney Dance Company (Chris Aubrey, Thomas Bradley, Chen Wen, Holly Doyle, Janessa Dufty, Fiona Jopp, Bernhard Knauer, David Mack, Alana Sargent, Jesse Scales, Todd Sutherland, Jessica Thompson, Charmene Yap)

Composition & Sound Design - Luke Smiles / motion laboratories

Lighting Design - Matthew Marshall

Costume Design - Fiona Holley

Production - Sydney Dance Company

New Breed Season Sponsor - The Balnaves Foundation

Footage filmed by Pedro Greig

Upcoming Shows - Wildebeest is currently touring Australia with Rafael Bonachela's Frame of Mind for Sydney Dance Company's Frame of Mind National tour from June - August 2017.

Originally presented as part of Sydney Dance Company's New Breed season at Carriageworks, November 2014.

Photos © Jack Saltmiras