Breath is where it begins. Add in some multi-layered experiments with perception, a little imagination and there you have it, the animal body, ready and raring to run. All it takes is guts - guts, instinct and finely tuned physical awareness.

My classes take the moving body on a journey that dives in and out of the floor and air constantly building warmth, energy and a sense of performance.

The class moves quickly and constantly, but builds in small segments that allow material to be committed to muscle memory therefore freeing the conscious mind. Lengthy phrases can then be embodied with a strong spirit of performance without losing dynamic or detail. The performing body can push its physical edge with the conscious mind focused on keeping the body safe and inspired rather than remembering the movement.

The movement quality of my class material is athletic and complex, incorporating intricate floorwork and expansive use of space. The focus however, is on creating an opening for the mover to take responsibility for embodying the material in such a way that their individuality can take flight. Subtle adaptation of the material is encouraged, as is eagle-eyed observation of one’s own body, the bodies of others, the surrounding space and the world outside the space. The complete commitment to full body awareness required by this level of engagement is trained through perception and awareness focusing exercises during the class.

Acknowledging emotional resonance in relation to physicality holds weight with this work. When pushing movement to the extreme, instinct and adrenaline are considered tools to create and mutate a physicality from which theatricality is drawn. We derive emotion from the physical exertion of the body and the relationship between bodies in space. The communication between these entities and a sense that every movement, whether set or not, is realised in the moment as if it is being played for the first time is essential in creating the power and vulnerability of an embodied performer.

Detailed information on tailored class series and workshops is available on request please refer to ‘contact’ page.

Photo © Chris Herzfeld Camlight Productions