Split Second Heroes

Split Second Heroes World Premiere at the Adelaide Festival Centre from 27 – 29 July, 2017.

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Intensely physical. Highly theatrical. Split Second Heroes is an imaginative return to contemporary dance as story.

Sci-fi-esque technology, virtuosic dance and some weird and wonderful tales share the stage as one man delivers his not-TED-talk story of himself. Starring everyone’s favourite anti-heroes – White, Black and Grey – Split Second Heroes is an endearingly eccentric, superbly physical, high-tech take on the age-old quest for self-discovery..

The first one was white. White – a wondrous concoction of red, green and blue. He’s a shape-shifting puzzle – part prince and part astronautical engineer. Ridiculously smart and a little stuck in his ways, White is tentatively creeping his way out of routine toward adventure…

Black’s already there – walking the edge and just one small step from disaster. Black likes fast cars. She owns a racehorse and believes you don’t eat what you can’t kill. She’s killed a lot…

Then there’s Grey – the in-between one – neither black nor white. Part mid-life crisis, part poster boy for finding oneself, Grey pieces together the most unexpected of both worlds as he uncovers his story…


Concept, Direction, Text & Choreography: Gabrielle Nankivell

Original Score, Sound Design, Lighting Design & Interactive Software Design: Luke Smiles / motion laboratories

Dramaturgy: Will O’Mahony

Set Design & Lighting Realisation: Benjamin Cisterne

Performed by: Vincent Crowley, Gabrielle Nankivell & Luke Smiles

Developed in 2016 with Kialea Nadine Williams, Lewis Rankin and the participants of the Split Second Heroes Research Lab.


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

This project is supported by Arts South Australia and the Government of South Australia.

The 2016 Research Lab and Creative Development is assisted by the generous in-kind support of Australian Dance Theatre and the Adelaide College of the Arts.

Split Second Heroes was was initially supported through a 2014 STRUT Dance SEED Residency.

Photos © Chris Herzfeld Camlight Productions