Order of Things & Focus

Order of Things & Focus

A double-bill


Order of Things

6 dancers

15 days

82 hours

4,920 minutes

295,200 seconds

…of infinite possibility and coincidence.

As a time capsule of data collection, the rehearsal period provides both fixed and variable information with which to explore the human and creative potential of descriptive statistics. As time unravels, so does our perception of what is concrete and what is fluid.


Focus is the companion piece to Order of Things, a work created for Frontier Danceland presented at The Esplanade Studio Theatre, Singapore.

Order of Things used a time-based structure to play with statistics and the observed relationships between different variables. This works as a wide-lens perspective by highlighting general aspects of the group.

Focus takes in the closer picture, dissecting information and delving further into social constructs, human interactions and emotional microcosms. Adapting camera mechanisms and film editing techniques in it's treatment of movement, Focus shifts the audience point of view and perception of space. Focus works as a macro-lens perspective by highlighting individual aspects of the group.


Co-Direction: Gabrielle Nankivell & Luke Smiles

Choreography: Gabrielle Nankivell

Music / Sound Design: Luke Smiles

Created with and Performed by: Christina Chan, Wayne Ong / Daniel Lourenco, Hwa Wei An, Adele Goh, Joy Wang & Adrian Skjoldborg / Adelene Stanley

Lighting Design: Gabriel Chan

Commissioned by: Frontier Danceland, Singapore (AD: Low Mei Yoke)

Video filmed by: Patrick Poh from "Express Oh! Photography"

Video edited by: Luke Smiles

Thanks to: Athelyna Swee & Karishma Nair

Photo © Justin Koh